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A Road of Unimagined Adventure: How Big Words Have Shaped My Life by Kevin Noble Springer

How far would you go to experience an exceptional spiritual life?

Big Words are God’s voice, rooted in an intimate relationship with him—the Spirit of Christ speaking to you, guiding and shaping your life. They usually come at life’s crossroads, those moments that define your future. These words are the roadmap to an adventure that matters for eternity. 

Kevin Springer was only 18 years old, reeling from disappointment and humiliation, when he discovered God was a dream wrecker. At age 15 he believed in God and thought he was his friend, but now God was silent when Kevin needed him most.

Kevin carefully planned and worked hard for his future—his college choice, his career, even where he’d live. He did everything required for success. That’s when God monkey-wrenched his life. His plans evaporated, leaving him in a vacuum of despair, isolation, and self-pity. Kevin decided to run. He packed his car and headed as far away from God as he could.

Then, when things couldn’t get any worse, God spoke; softly, deeply, gently. “If you enter the freeway, your life will never be the same. You will change the direction of your life, and it will not be for the better.” Kevin listened to the Big Word and discovered God’s plans were far better than anything he could ever imagine.

Kevin took a U-turn back into God’s will and onto A Road of Unimagined Adventure. This is his story.

Power Evangelism by Kevin Noble Springer

The message of Power Evangelism has been embraced around the world, and the book that started it all has become a classic, with more than one million sold. In 2006, Christianity Today named it one of the fifty most significant Christian books published in the past fifty years.

This revised and updated edition describes the releasing of God’s power through signs and wonders to refresh, renew, heal, and equip His people. Drawing from the teaching of the New Testament and with illustrations from his own experience, Vineyard leader John Wimber persuades the reader to “yield control of our lives to the Holy Spirit.”

Though Wimber died in 1997, his teaching continues to spread throughout the Vineyard movement, through the broader renewal movement, and to Christians across the globe, even those who do not consider themselves charismatic. Coauthor Kevin Springer has found that since its first publication, the influenceof Power Evangelism has been explosive.

This edition includes a chapter-by-chapter study guide and reflects changes Springer and other power evangelism practitioners have made in presentation–not in content–for readers in the new millennium.

Power Healing, by John Wimber and Kevin Springer.

This is a classic. The authors do an excellent job of laying out the biblical texts that demonstrate the nature of healing as well as the methods. Additionally, the biblical-theological framework that demonstrates God’s works of healings flow out of his compassionate and merciful character are worth their weight in gold. What’s most well known of this book is Wimber’s “Integrated Model of Healing,” also known as the “5 Step Prayer Model.” This is, in my opinion, the most practical way to get normal people to pray for people to experience God’s healing power.
There are many other areas to appreciate in Power Healing. I love that Wimber moves readers away from the unfortunate idea that “faith healers” exist, the idea that only certain people function in a way that brings physical, mental, or emotional healing to people (a sure step toward manipulation and power/authority problems). I love that Wimber’s five step prayer model is easy to teach and replicate in order to empower people to “do the stuff.” And lastly, I love that Wimber ties his understanding of the charismata to God’s mission – making disciples. Gifts of healings are not something for the church to keep to itself but should spill over into the world around us. Yes, yes, and yes! This is a must have. Plus, look at that cover design. It’s classic.’